How to Be a Model Tenant


When renting a property, we all tend to focus on our own needs and wants for the property. After all, renting is most often about getting what we need. It is easy to get caught up in what we get out of the experience and forget that there is a person at the other end of the transaction: the property owner.

The next time that you rent whether it is for a week or a year, it can be beneficial to remember the property owner throughout your stay. Often good renting relationships can lead to good references and referrals for future rentals. That’s not to mention that taking good care of the property that you rent is a responsible thing to do.

Being a model tenant isn’t a hard or involved as you might imagine. Basically the best thing to do is remember to treat the property the same way that you would if you owned it. Be careful with the property and any furniture, appliances and other objects that are on the premises in your care. And when you leave be sure to leave everything the way that you found it.

Another thing that property owners appreciate is notes or phone calls from tenants to let them know about any problems or potential problems with the property. The property owner probably rarely if ever stays in their rental property and they have no way to know how things are functioning without your input.

When you go the extra step and do the little things, a property owner will appreciate your effort. And it isn’t unheard of for thankful property owners to give you gifts, discounts or other incentives when you go above and beyond as a tenant.

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