The local government of the City of Bunbury has a population of 32,499. In 2007 Bunbury was recognised as Australia's fastest growing city for the 2005/06 period by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Bunbury's climate is similar to that of Western Australia's capital Perth.

The Bunbury CBD is located primarily on Victoria Street, while Blair Street is the major road through all of the Bunbury area and has a large number of businesses and retail outlets situated along it. The Bunbury Tower, often called the "Milk Carton" for its distinctive shape and blue-and-white colours, is the major feature of the city centre's skyline. It was built in 1983 by businessman Alan Bond. Also prominent are the old lighthouse and lookout tower in the Marlston Hill district, which has been a focus of the city's cultural and commercial growth since the late 1990s.

Recently a new hotel residential complex was built overlooking the estuary. The foundations and main building are built upon an old grain silo.

Bunbury has sister-city relationships with Setagaya, Japan, and Jiaxing, China. In 2008, Bunbury-Jiaxing Business Office was established to boost business opportunities between the two regions by assisting with communications and facilitating trade.
  • Suburb:Bunbury
  • Postcode:6230
Address Suburb Bed Bath Car Price
2 Upper Esplanade BUNBURY 2 1 1 $250 pw View Property
Address Suburb Leased Date Bed Bath Car Lease Price
1/1 Upper Esplanade BUNBURY 9-11-2018 4 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
16/18 Bonnefoi Boulevard BUNBURY 26-10-2018 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
10/22 William Street BUNBURY 26-10-2018 2 1 1 Undisclosed View Property
5/12 Clifton street BUNBURY 8-10-2018 2 1 1 Undisclosed View Property
2/12 Wellington Street BUNBURY 1-10-2018 2 1 1 Undisclosed View Property
12/4 Braund street BUNBURY 26-09-2018 2 1 0 Undisclosed View Property
9/25 Upper Esplanade BUNBURY 13-09-2018 3 2 1 Undisclosed View Property
34/18 Bonnefoi Blvd BUNBURY 11-09-2018 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
34/18 Bonnefoi Boulevard BUNBURY 10-09-2018 3 2 0 Undisclosed View Property
2/2 Haydock Street BUNBURY 5-09-2018 3 2 2 Undisclosed View Property
1/41 Marlston Drive BUNBURY 21-08-2018 3 1 1 Undisclosed View Property
5/4 Braund street BUNBURY 10-08-2018 2 1 1 Undisclosed View Property